Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cruise Day 6 (Formal Dinner 2)

Familial iterations.

The four sisters

Who's idea was it to "look serious?" :-P Thank goodness for Woody.

Remember when I mentioned yesterday that there was a secret order that had the waiting staff a buzz? There it is. If you know your wine (and I wouldn't have known beforehand) you might know what it is. If you don't know your wine, you should at least know that it doesn't normally come wrapped. The two on the left were brought on board.

Franciscan Magnificat. The interweb is quoting a price of $72. Yeah, it was good. Oh wait, it's the internet. I found one on sale for $40.

Arlington Road Monolith from Washington. While it was only $50, I liked this one better. I think Patra said it had a tighter taste.

And appropriately named was the Opus One. $200 a bottle! These were all 90+ wines but believe it or not, you can taste the difference. And as with all expensive things, it's the subtle levels of increased difference that exponentially increase the price. A wine that is "just slightly better" is "just slightly" (oh $100) more expensive. Or so I would imagine. I saw a few bottles of early to mid 1990s Opus One online selling for $500 a bottle.

Cheers to the Captain!

There a set of $200 Legs.


Mystery soup (again!)

Porcini Ravioli

Patra specially ordered Lamb Chops from the maître d('hôtel) (Master of (the Hall)) to go with the Opus. Bloody and bloody bon.

yeah, yeah. Lobster tail. whatever.

New York Steak

Family Foto

Serving our servers, Alfredo and Juan.

I just don't learn! This light passion fruit souffle was still disappointing. I thought the fruit flavor would overtake the eggs but how wrong I was.

After our mega-dinner, we retreated to the card room for some Pictionary.

Only to be disturbed by some loud shenanigans from outside the room.

right... lots of hooting people. Television cameras. (Cheap) Champagne waterfall. what a party...

oops! It's over!

Maria styled Ariel's hair (not shown) and suddenly became obsessed with taken boy-band pictures of him.

Mostly because she thought he resembled Wong Lee Hom. Which he actually did, but not Wong Lee Hom from the front view.

Woody taking in cruise boat cover band extraordinaire, Fusion.

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