Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cruise Day 2: Formal Night

So not only was the wine tasting a disappointment, Captain's Cocktails were too. I was told there was "rum" in my punch but it was quite lacking. There clever ploy of serving cheap booze to us was working. The gloves were off and the wallets were open. If my cousin Patra had made it to the ship the first day, this would have happened sooner.

Brunello di Montalicino. Very Yum!

Only to be out done by my sister who orders the Barolo. I guess I sort of taunted her into it since she was sitting at another table.

I also forget what these appertivo cheese and tomato sandwiches with removed crusts are called.

"Appetizer" Quiche was freakin' huge!

Lobster Bisque

Silver Salmon

Crayfish thingy. I had a little taste of it.

Porcini Farfalle? Something like that.

Don't remember. Looks delicious.

Here is my sister with my first cousin once removed, Tyler.

Paparazzi Photos.

It was weird. From the back lounge, one side of the boat was bright with the setting sun. The other side was dark.

Late night dancing. The DJ was playing your typical Wedding DJ variety of songs. I eventually got him to play some New Order which led to a few 80s songs. Dancing and the morning work out would ultimately sabotage my quads.

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