Friday, August 17, 2007

Cruise Day 7 (Victoria, British Columbia)

Following a breakfast of nothing spectacular, I checked out the on cruise "cooking show" with my parents. The cruise did mention that it was "hilarious" but they didn't mention the cooking show aspect was also meant to be "hilarious." While there was some light humor, it was a bit disappointing no actual cooking knowledge was passed on.

Next was the galley tour. Much like Disneyland, the line was really long and when you got to the "ride" it was over too fast and at the end, there was a gift shop. The tour consisted of us just walking through with no demonstration or explanation on how the kitchen is run. How are orders handled? what are the different stations? =P

Said parents. Said gift shop.

Fried Calamari

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Eggplant Parmesan.

I think this was a lamb chop of sorts. My cousin Woody ordered it but I tried some. I asked the waiter "is the risotto made to order?" which he responded with incoherent rambling. Perhaps he didn't want to confirm my suspicions that they just had a big vat of premade risotto sitting there, getting wet, cold, and soggy. Or even in a warm pot being overcooked although I have found much of the cruise's pasta to be undercooked. It was okay. Mine is better ;)

My dad got some sort of "San Francisco" seafood stew thing I've never heard of in my 7 years here. But I don't go eat at the Fisherman's Wharf often which is where I suspect this "famous" dish is from.

Chocolate Flan. Mmmmmm... The one thing I love about chocolate desserts is when there isn't a cup of sugar per serving in it.

I think I must have just gone back to the room to watch TV before dinner. Skip ahead: dinner was going to be quick as we were docking in Victoria, B.C. that evening and not unlike Ketchikan, we wanted to check out the city before the boat decided to sail off. Oh, food. It had a fancy name but it was pretty much a fancy (and delicious) chicken pot pie.

Some more "special" butterfly shrimp. And apparently left over calamari. =P

Fettucini Alfredo

Scallops (which needed to be seared)

Into Victoria. It was a decent 40 minute walk into town.

I think this was the town's big famous hotel.

And this is the town's big famous Parliament.

Candied apples and Gelati

Gabe giving the ol' tennis fist after securing his precious "All Dressed" Ruffles which aren't sold in the US for some reason. They are kinda like BBQ+Cheese+Sour Cream/Onion+Vinegar. Quite good actually.

Relaxing. In the lounge next door, there was a "Princess Popstar" or Princess cruises does, rips off, and bastardizes American Idol. One of the contestants did Don Mclean's American Pie. All 8 minutes of it! What program manager needs to be taken out back and beaten with a tube of mayonaise for that one? Suffice to say I did not stay but I would get reports from the others that he was still going.

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