Friday, August 24, 2007

King of Kong 2

I saw King of Kong again. It was still awesome. The director Seth Gordon was on hand to field questions. One question would be, "how the heck did you get in on this subject?" And the answer was he has history with FunSpot, the New Hampshire arcade that appears in the film.

Indirect Spoiler Alert:

Some other items addressed were that a suspicious tape in the movie (you'll know the one I'm talking about) was in fact verified as a genuine tape via the master recording. Also, according to Gordon and official score keepers Twin Galaxies, Billy Mitchell scored 1,050,200 on the 25th anniversary of his original 1982 record. The saga continues.

some of my favorite quotes:
the whole Kill Screen segment. including "I thought I was going to be the first Fun Spot kill screen, but then 3 fireballs trapped me..." and "for someone else to beat me to the kill screen would be a let down."
the "what do you think my initials are?" segment.
"if you do not know the next attack pattern in Tron, you will lose your life."
"Some people ruin their lives trying to get in that book."
Mr. Awesome's guide to girls.

End Spoiler Alert

Check out this "not included in the movie" clip featuring Mark Alpiger, courtesy of Destructoid. Pathetically funny!

Ben also had a t-shirt show at the Space Gallery. We went to Tommy's Joynt afterwards for food and drinks.

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