Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cruise Day 5 (Tracy Arm Fjords)

Entering the Fjords

Ice in the Fjords

South Glacier in the Fjords

I want to saying Pining in the Fjords even though it doesn't match this image.

North Glacier in the Fjords

After the Fjords, I lost track of what we did. Simply put, no pictures, no remember! That's pretty much why I blog so one day I'll have Alzheimer's and I can just read my blog and keep refreshing my mind.

What I do remember was that at last night's dinner service, a secret order was placed that instantly upped our dining room clout with the waiting staff.

Because of said clout, some off menu shirmp scampi showed up. Other tables looked on in confusion and envy.

On menu crab cabs with empty puffy pastry and asparagus.

Soup of ?

um... Maybe this one was the Red Bean soup.

Snow Crab

Table of Massacre and Gorgings.

um... Meat thing... with strange meat rocket in the back.

Cheesecake. Good but not as good as the San Francisco Downtown Marriot's Cheesecake.


Cappuccino Souffle. This was great. Don't eat the light colored souffles. They taste like crappy egg dough. The dark ones though are great. Chocolate souffle is great.

Maria tries to conquer Ms. Pacman

This is the part of the cruise/blog that is known as "Stupid Cruise Art"

or to Woody, "Jim Warren is Awesome"

There is a couple on the beach. A couple formed in the waves furiously making out. Another sentimental couple in the clouds. And a set of dolphins swimming in the water! I call this ultimate artistic sellout. It's also ultimate artistic business. Jim Warren is rolling in the monetary dough! Princess Cruise's art interviewer calls it "one of the great art legends."

Look at the reserve price of this one. $8900!!! It's most likely the original while the one above was a print. Still... 8.9k for Eagles flying out of a volcano?



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