Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 1: Seattle

The morning started early with us dropping Sue off at Microsoft. We then met one of Gabe's friends (Liz) from Yale for Brunch. Before we managed to pick Liz up, in an automotive feat of misdirection (not the magical type), Gabe got lost and drove through the Arboreum twice. As such, I learn what the word Arboreum meant. Pretty much = lots of trees, as in Arbor day. Brunch was served at... this nice English Breakfast and Tea place. Apparently Liz reads my blog. Liz, leave comments. I forget the name of this place. I ordered a pot of Lapsang Souchong. Straight up. That's how I roll. drink.

and Strawberry & Brie Omelette.

Salmon Omelette

Tasty Pecan Dessert (for me)

Tasty Creme Brule Dessert (for Gabe)

Tasty thing Dessert. (for Liz - leave "thing" comments)

I met Wing through my cousin Lester who met him in Toronto where they are both from. I believe they were in a bar watching soccer matches. Wing is a designer/producer at NOA who started with a decent run at Rockstar in their heyday.

Itsa Mii! Mario! Now go buy my stuff! (I bought a Wii hoodie)

This reminds me of the Gamecube Congos. Only 2 games produced for the peripheral. X-P

Sit-down, seat shaking, F-Zero

self-w00t! even though we didn't do the DS versions :P

Why "Cup" isn't spelt with a "K" is completely beyond me.

So apparently the whole SF Hearts Art thing was such a hit, Seattle had to rip it off with their own version of it. Pigs! This one, in front of Uwajimaya's Japanese Market in the I-D (International District which subsequently produces the I-D emo-face). Note questionable depiction of Asian man.

I found him. X-D Yondaime figurine.

These are not key chains, they are Geek-Chains.

Tea tasting in the I-D. Tea can also produce I-D emo faces.

Dental Arts with Bear brandishing large tooth brush.

the Kwiew (Q)

the View

the uh... Saladiewzzzz

Hot Wingiews

Short Ribs with Sinews

Grilled Veggies. P.S. Iews.

Surprisingly eventful first day!

This link puzzle would drive me crazy.

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