Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cruise Day 6 (Ketchikan, Alaska)

Grabbing a quick buffet breakfast...

and it's off to Ketchikan. This city does not look all too promising.

One must wonder what the Tazmanian Devil is doing at the Burger Queen.

Woody proudly displays his "find the 13 eagles" t-shirt.

Woody proudly raises shirt in bag beneath the Ketchikan sign. Apparently I was looking at the wrong side of Ketchikan. There is in fact lots to do! Suck it Juneau!

Woody proudly showing off aforementioned Eagle shirt. Gabe is somewhat stupified.

A Taxidermy shop! How often do you see one of these in the continental USA. Or in the major cities of the continental USA.

Totem power.

Water power.

Salmon power.

And indeed, the power of Rock and Roe.

I'm insane. This is a pre-lunch snack. They had prosciutto and mortadella at the buffet. I couldn't resist. Although I'm confused because I thought I had this after lunch but there it is on my camera, coming before the lunch pictures. Maria says prosciutto and melons go well together.

D'oh! I don't like red beers. But this Alaskan Amber wasn't so bad! It was actually decent.

Tonight is lobster night so a light lunch today. Farfalle.

And Halibut Florentine.

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