Monday, August 13, 2007

Cruise Day 3 (Juneau, Alaska)


Pre-lunch view

Engrish Menu

Creme of Broccoli

Maria w/ White bean stuffed Tomatoes.

I will call this a 5 meat salad.

I forget what this is called.

The Spanakopita Pie

Holy Jesus...

A hiking we will go

Thank goodness we were provided walking sticks. My legs were sucking wind. My lungs laughed at my legs.

Our tour guide was not so great. Mostly because she would just run past stuff really quickly. I noticed it more in my hobbled state as I normally can lag behind to take pictures and catch up quickly.

Rain forest in Alaska?

Mendenhall Glacier

This one point seemed to have some sort of apex of the mountain's fly population.

Glacial Ice

Apparently I missed some sort of pink geyser during the Salmon hunt.

This one street was pretty much all of Juneau. The lame!

Well, I survived. Actually, I think my handicap made the hike all the more interesting.

French Onion Soup


Roast Duck


Lobster Pasta

Souffle = blah. White Souffles just taste like eggs.

Apple Tart

Raspberry Creme Brule

Good night Juneau. Hello hot tub. My legs need it.

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