Saturday, June 30, 2007

Super June Closer

This night was an epic show at the Rickshaw Stop. Above is the awesome poster Anthony did for the show.

Opening was The Photo Atlas from Boulder, Colorado. They were pretty rockin'

Next was Music For Animals.

Up to their usual antics, they had their rally girl in referee garb just like in the poster. She also did a dominatrix outfit the time Anthony had one in the poster. At her side is a one eyed pinata. From here one might think it was Elmo. Or as one person asked "Is that a midget?!?"

Thrown into the crowd, one-eyed Elmo was viciously torn asunder. See all the happy faces? The girl in teal is obviously happy. The girl to her right is completely flipping out over candy. The more mature woman to the right side some how scored a fan. Kevin managed to rise from the fray with an MFA CD and some other random CD sampler or sorts.

Someone is flailing one-eyed Elmo was his one-eyed Elmo. Ouch!

Happy Birthday to Ryan.

The headliners were New York Rockers Mooney Suzuki.

Lead singer Sammy James Junior rocking it with the windmill.

These guys were pretty classic rock n' roll in their stage performance.

People like this shoulder riding. Look at all the smiling faces.

Lots of jumping. They did a double encore. One was an amusing Bar Song called "Good Ol' Alcohol" that you can hear on their webpage that sings the reliability of alcohol over all other drugs. Not the best message since drunk driving took 16,885 lives in 2005 but done with moderation and good designated driving arrangements, one can find a pleasant underlying message that I can agree with. Where other drugs do crazy things to your body, alcohol can be good. Wine is constantly seen in medical reports as even being beneficial as long you aren't downing a bottle a day. By default since I'm such a narrow arrow. Perhaps a Nat Loh all-time quote from my youth, "Look Ma, he smokes!"

It was quite an epic 210 minute show to close out the month.

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