Monday, June 25, 2007

Go East, young man.

So another friend of ours has been taken by the East Coast. I say it like I hate the "East Coast" even though I'm from there but it's all good. I haven't been East in 7 years but the East still rocks. It just sucks to see people leave, but he's getting a nice job as a concept artist with Mythic EA so that's a good thing! So farewell and good luck Mike!

A small group of friends gathered at Sushi Rika on Bush and Taylor on Nob Hill. One good thing about this place is that they have free parking in the garage next door. One bad thing is due to the location, and time, their prices have crept up even more so than their original high prices. In the world of super fast reviews, it's pretty average. myeh on the value. No real complaints. 6.0?/10

I love tamago nigiri. If you're stalking me, please leave tamago nigiri treats for me!

These Spider Rolls were overly large and overly unwieldy. And overly overly.

We stopped by Mike's place to check out his cool and crazy looking dog Woogie. She's a pomeranian with a long torso, big bulgy eyes, a round head, and an underbite. Very nice. And then Jeremy snagged this big fish market painting Mike did cause he wanted to throw it out and we were all like "Noooooooo!"

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