Saturday, June 02, 2007

Family, Scott & Crystal

First I meet with my Grandma, Uncle Charles, and my Grandma's sister & sister's husband

After dinner, I was charged to drive my grandma and uncle back to where they were staying.

Where we can white tree ear and watermelon. According to Dr. Loh (which one?!?), the one who is an actual medical doctor, white tree ear is very good for your throat (clears it up) and your skin while black tree ear promotes micro-circulation. Good for vascular diseases.

Next, I had to take off for a wedding party for Scott and Crystal at the Edinburgh Castle Pub. They got a private room right behind that window.

Master Ed arranged all of the festivities.

Our newlyweds. Congrats!

Slippers of Ankle Horrors

At some point in the night, Casey started throwing pretzels. At least he didn't invite strangers in...

So congrats to Scott and Crystal and while this is the end of the blog, one other thing happened. Someone broke into my car on Post and Franklin. Luckily they didn't break a window. All that was taken was an ipod car charger so no big deal. It was pretty surreal in that when I opened the door (which they were kind enough to leave unlocked) I was thinking to myself "Wow, my car is messy" but then I noticed the drivers seat was tilt back all the way which I remembered car thieves do from all of Jimmy's unfortunate break-in stories and then realized "Hey! I didn't make this mess!" As I cleaned my car, I found all sorts of things I had no idea were in there. There was one New Years Party flyer in there. From 2004! A strange bag with strawberry powder. Oh, he did somehow break my ashtray which I find incredibly strange. I can only imagine he did it out of frustration finding very little to take but those guys should be used to that. He did leave my 1 million lumen hand light which I'm just gonna guess was too bulky and/or heavy to take. Oh well, I will be more hesitant to park in that notorious neighbourhood so late again. Especially since they took something. From Jimmy's experiences, it seems like they remember your car if there was loot to be found and will make revisits for easy finds. I wonder if a fake blinking L.E.D. would have scared them off. The two Lexus' parked near me seemed untouched and you'd think they would definitely have stuff to take in those.

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