Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Love my job!

About a month ago, Boss Paul announced that plans were moving along for our new office down at Hamilton Fields. Much like smashing a bottle of champagne on a new ship's maiden voyage, our new office would receive a similar christening: TFB Style. "We'll get together, drink beer, get drunk, and smash holes in the wall with sledge hammers. What could possibly go wrong?"

4! How un-auspicious.

The surroundings are much nicer. Our neighbours will include Disney, Sony Imageworks, 2k Games, and according to the first sign: Smith & Hawken our soon to be disturbed 1st floor neighbours. Smith is a popular guy. Besides making office and patio furniture in the office below us, Smith has partnered up with Barney to run our 401k and stocks and stuff as well as a partnership with Weston to make guns and shoot people. Also on our behalf.

Despite having just one floor, the ceilings are high and expansive.

A sample of what our "cubicles" will look like. I am so pimping my pod! Our office should look really cool.

Said beverages... We'll have plenty of this in the new office.

And said weapontry...

But first! Crafty as ever, our bosses had prepared a target on the wall and giant bamboo javelins. So much fun!

Next we proceeded to throw hammers into the wall in increasing size.

Here is the aftermath of the first placed blue ribbon effort "Kannonball Karl" who managed to run straight through the wall. It was like a golden comedic moment. I hope to get that video from Terry and have it up.

And some serious sledgehammer goodness. I had about 3 healthy goes at this including a stabbing charge and a mutilation of one of the corners. Conclusion: I recommend you do this. It's great. Just be careful not to injure yourself or anyone else. And make sure no one will miss the wall you're destroying. Or better, that it's yours and you were going to tear it down anyways. It was at this point Paul remarked "So, actually our office is next door."

The aftermath. There was plenty more to go but the Smith & Hawkins people finally sent a messenger up to relay official noise complaints. We offered him beer and sledge-hammerings so the noise continued until they sent up about the 4th guy. I made the last part up. So when I was 17, I was working on an English paper on my computer. It was one of those moments we all go through. You're finger is just about to hit the Ctrl + S button combination when *beeooop* the power goes out. Alas, it was not a power outage, but my foot kicking the power cord out of the socket. I was so pissed that day having lost at least an hours worth of work. Having enough sense to not throw the monitor out the window or break the keyboard, I went into my garage and proceeded to pummel a cardboard box with a hockey stick. I don't really get angry but these days I guess traffic is the only thing that stresses me out. Cardboard Box. Hockey Stick. Dry Wall. Sledgehammer. I got about 10 years worth of free anger management therapy today! Drove very stress free today. Things still annoyed me but it was no big deal today.

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