Sunday, June 10, 2007

Museo Asiatico di Arte

Time to partake in some culture. Osama Tezuka, the father of Japanese manga. I hear he's pretty good.

Tetsuwan Atomu

Some ninja shots for my peeps. If you live in the Bay Area, go check this out. There were a lot of his original layouts on display from many of his series.

Including Black Jack
Others I recall were Metropolis, Jungle Taitei, Eigoban Tsumi to Basho (Tezuka's version of Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment), Ribon no Kishi, Hi no Tori, Amazing 3, Vampire, Apollo no Uta, Kirihito Sanka, Fushigi na Meurmo, Buddha, and Ludwig B.

6 Panel Japanese panel thingy.

up close...

I like his hand gesture. This one I believe is Ganesh.

The Bodhisattva Maitreya with signature curly moustache of power (left side) and wisdom (right side).

Here we have the Guru Nanak in Kamarupa, the land ruled by women. Strange freaky looking women. Taken from a Janam Sakhi manuscript, stories of the founder of the Sikh religion depicting his power over strange animals and demons. I'm not sure where the freaky women fit into that description. (I think) The piece was dated 1755-1770 which made me wonder: this pre-dates Pablo Picasso born 1881. While female (1) is just plain freaky looking with huge bulging eyes like in Arnold Schwarzznegger's Total Recall, female (2) is a clear Picasso-esque portrait. Interesting!

Here are some rod puppets called wayang golek of Java, Indonesia. These puppet shows were performed by a sole puppeteer who would not only manipulate the characters but also speak for all of them, at the same time creating sound effects and directing the accompanying musical ensemble.

The Buddhist version of Madonna and Child?


And then some Mexican food =P

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