Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Birthday?!? Rise of the Scorpion Baron.

In accordance to some Jewish tradition that hasn't been honored in like 9 years or so, Dan had himself a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae.

And in accordance to Bizarro World where things are done backwards, we went for some dinner after our sundaes. A favorite of Dan's near his place, Casablanca Cafe, on Polk and Washington serves a Moroccan flavor of Mediterranean cuisine. Pictured above is (Decaf) Mint tea.

Here is the Mediterranean Vegetarian Platter.

And grizzly meat plate for me. I really liked their gyro meat. I think that's what it was.

And since Dan is buddies with the owner, and it was his birthday, free carrot cake?!? Mind you, we all had sundaes and giant dinner plates.

In "defeated by food" posture. To save face, we split one slice of cake amongst the three of us. The Chris went and did a dastardly thing of paying for the bill while "getting a to-go box." You can't out-check the Cheese Wheel! You can't out-pay the Portugese! What do these things have in common? Nothing. But as I dropped Chris off at his car, I told him "we'll be paying you back. sooner than you think!!!" And then drove off. I wish I was laughing maniacally. But he may be reading this now thinking "No way dude! I win!" Sooner than you think! mwahwahahahahaha. Oh, the food was great. Um... I guess great in my book is a 7.0. We also walked by a nice looking restaurant near Ghirardelli Square wondering what all the hub-bub was. Turns out it was Gary Danko!

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