Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mike's BBQ Food Epic Extravaganza

Food first.
For starters...

Buffalo wings...

...and Deviled Eggs

There were about 6 salads on hand. I thought the blocks were mushrooms but they turned out to be mozzarella. I think I'm missing two of the salad pics. :-O

I typically don't eat cherries. Typically...

Tri-tip. The dark one is bloody mary marinade. The other two are... don't remember.

Yummy grilled chicken.

Potato Salad

Black bean salad

Actually some left overs from the wedding party. Hardly any were eaten and with the other foods available, who can blame them?

Fruit Salad

Baked beans

Tri-tip detail

Yummy corn bread with corn in it. Normally, corn bread is made too big and it's too much of an investment to eat the whole thing. These are perfectly sized.

Dessert cake/pie #1 of 6. YES, SIX. This will be called awesomo-cake.

#2 Lemon Meringue Pie

Apple pie? #3

#4 Pecan Pie

#5 Chocolate Layered Cake

#6 "Happy Birthday Kearsten" Princess Cake

Hostess Diane (right) and her cousin Julie make an awesome salad that I just kept eating and therefore lack photograph of.

Dog Central

Eat Central.

When's the last time you saw a Moblin? I last saw one last year at Mike's place.

Our Host Mike with Dave's dog Tre.

The fog coming down the mountain/hill at night was pretty thick. Not only was visibility down to about 20 feet, but we had to watch out for cows on the road.

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