Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Dinner Night Edition

Starter 1: 3 types of goat cheese (soft, medium soft, and medium hard) served with crackers and acacia honey (not pictured).

Starter 2: "Meat Sticks" Imported Prosciutto wrapped on Grissini sticks and served with Melon.

Starter 3: Crack Candy. Candied Almonds. I used the David Lebovitz recipe. So easy to do and so freakin' good.

I made a cumin flavored batch and a cinnamon flavored batch. I prefer cinnamon.

Gnochetti all Sorrentina.

soaked Baccalà

Finished Baccalà Livornese. It ended up a bit salty(despite soaking it for 36 hours) and I did forget to put the pinenut and raisins in the dish when it was going into the oven. Not an easy dish to pull off but I think there is potential. It's just too complicated and time consuming to do very often.

A pre-Castagnaccio shot

Dessert 1: Castagnaccio. A chestnut flour cake.
Dessert 2: (not pictured) Strawberries and Marscapone + sugar.


Debbie said...

Holy smokes...looks delicious!

Deda said...

the castagnaccio looks just right! *_*
it does have to taste blend but if you serve it with vinsanto wine it's perfect match.
Caramelized almonds we eat at fairs and movie theaters... you can make peanuts (but no flavor, no cinnamon no nothing, never heard of it) and caramelized peanuts are called: addormenta suocere which means "Something that makes your mother-in-law sleepy".
So if your mother-in-law talks to much feed her that and she'll fall asleep.
It looks good, all of it. The baccalà is time consuming for sure. try and change the water more often so more of the saltiness goes away.

Deda said...

You'll make a good man-wife to some nice working girl one day! *_*