Sunday, April 27, 2008


Marnee Thai on Irving.

Thom Ka

Basa Fillet

Praram Phak

Kang Dang (Duck)

Table is really crucking cramp.

A crucking gong?!?

Don't go drinking with Dan. He is an evil evil EVIL man. Hence the title of this post.

Steve's friend Kenji (Left) also joined us for dinner and drinks. Apparently a Pepcid AC exactly 1 hour before you drink cures any "Asian Redness." I think he had around 12 drinks that night so you can judge just how red he ended up looking. And by "a" I mean he had like 6 tiny pellet sized pills. I guess that's the regular size?

So happy birthday to Steve. Getting home was not so pleasant for me.

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