Saturday, April 05, 2008

NYC: Day 1 (for lack of a better title)

An early morning flight from SFO. Tastefully hiding my crotch.

Virgin America, a.k.a. party plane. They had the lights and that generic ambo club music going on. Nonstop and cheaper than the other airlines. Can't beat it.

And you can play Doom? Kinda lame. More just a novelty. Sucks you have to pay for movies. I think you should get at least one free one. Or at least one predetermined free one like you used to. And free snacks too. At least I can order as many free apple juices as I want.

Flying in over/by the Jersey shore.

And into NYC

After much bother and like 18 blocks of misguided walking (with bags still in hand) I met up with Woody for some more misguided dinner adventures. He would take me to Katz's Deli only to be turned down on account of some "private event." See Woody's amusement.

Still with bags, we hopped a cab to Chinatown to this place. The lady was kinda... crazy. Not in the ranting way but in the asking "You want beer?" 20 times (ok, just twice but really insistently).

Crab XLB

Dou Miao

Beef Noodle Soup

So Woody while Woody was off get money at the ATM, this man's dedication to management and his team inspired me.

Finally to the hotel. Day 1: end transmission.

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