Tuesday, April 08, 2008

NYC: Day 4 There and Back again again

On the way to check out Maria's friend's exhibit we stopped in a random cafe. Le Grainne at 183 9th Avenue turned out a be pretty decent.

Maria "ah! I thought I ordered a small."

Tartine, Croissant, Chocolate Croissant (which I think is a bad name)

Fruit and magic marmalade.

Part of Maria's friend's exhibit (Sherri something... dont' remember the last name).

This was a bronzed two headed calf. Pretty crazy. I thought it was just a constructed skeleton at first but they did say it indeed was the real deal. The bronzing was pretty neat too because it actually looked like it was more silvery.

All your brains are belong to...

And met up with Belinda in midtown.

OK, back to Katz's with Woody. The day would be ours. Located in the lower east side at 205 E. Houston Street (between Avenue A & Essex St), take the F train to the Lower East Side / 2nd Avenue stop. It's just down Houston (pronounced House-ten btw, the proper way).

You can't see but the sign in the back reads "Where Harry met Sally. Hope you had what she had!" Note: if you go eat here, they'll give you a ticket on your way in. It's sort of a like a dim sum order card. Anyways, even if you are ordering together with someone on the same ticket, you need to keep it to get out. In that respect it is like the ticket you get from the parking lot.

New York Pickles

Fresh and hot Pastrami Sandwich. Shared one with Woody. Man was that a good idea.

Potato pancakes with apple sauce.

And since it was nearby, we walked down the street to find Il Laboratorio del Gelatio at 95 Orchard St.

The interior is tiny.

My god did this grapefruit gelato (or was it a sorbet) back a lot of grapefruity flavor. The other flavor I got was Amaretto which only had a slight almondy after taste.

The weather was great! Afterwards we walked over near NYU and met up with Woody's friend and fellow MTV "in between projects"-er Helene. She was the lucky recipient of my 4 day old 7 day MTA unlimited card.

Oh well, back on the plane. One interesting thing is that you are looking at all the passengers on this flight. The party plane was all for me!

The New Rochelle region

And a cool shot of Manhattan. "Upside down" view.

Panoramic Sky

It was cool having google maps on board the flight and because I had a bunch of seats to myself I had multiple screen with several maps at different zoom distances. Geek!

Some cool ice formations on Lake Erie. OK, New York, bye for now!

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