Saturday, April 19, 2008

Get your Tenori-on

That's supposed to read like "get your groove on" but it also could mean "go buy a tenori-on" =P

Tenori-on special event hosted at 1015 Folsom. I was not aware they had this side area for events like this separate from the meat-market main club floor. Very nice space. Saw a bunch of game industry folks in attendance. One commented with me how this space could make for a nice GDC party spot.

What is Tenori-on? Tenori-on is a new INSTRUMENT created by Toshio Iwai, an artist who has specialized in audio installations. Check out some of these videos that cover his previous works.

1) Gettin' my Tenori-on. 2) Not gettin' a Tenori-on $1200!!! It is being sold as a high quality instrument and as such the frame is constructed of magnesium (alloy?). Then a robot that has been trained by a Yamaha master metal brusher brushes the metal frame to a high quality finish. This process takes 20 minutes per Tenori-on which in factory terms is forever.

Here is a simple demonstration of the device.

Now the Tenori-on was invented with the notion that a non-musician could use it and create something interesting with it. The controls are a bit archaic but you know, so is a Saxophone.

Some musicians were brought in to do performances on it.

This guy was pretty good. He used a keyboard and maybe a laptop (for visuals only?) and created some great stuff on stage. I'll see if my video has good enough sound quality... (edit: added)

And while not as good as the above, here is a youtube video I found of a DJ just using the Tenori-on to create some great stuff. It's cool that this is performed live and that there is a level of skill differentiation so that it isn't just some toy.

And me with the some what startled man. Toshio Iwai. This guy is a great inspiration.

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