Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day of Asian things.

San Francisco 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival

Crazy Taiko floats...


Neko-bus head. I think we have a new horror video game boss.

This giant head always amuses me.

The JAL pageant float is pretty funny too.

And of course the highlight of the parade is always the last float. Crazy diaper tower.

Festivals are all about getting foods you don't normally get so I usually will get a plate of short ribs.

Green tea pudding w/ red bean.

Anderson Bakery Festival Exclusive - Banana Pound Cake

An after festival snack.

Met up with Kevin to see Forbidden Kingdom (aka the Jet Li and Jackie Chan movie) at the 4-Star next to my apartment. Only $8.50 for a movie ticket! Remember those days? That was like back when gas was still under $3/gallon. The beginning is hokey and the Chinese actors speaking English is cheesy. The action doesn't fully realize the potential of a Jet Li and Jackie Chan movie. Jackie Chan doesn't do acrobatics and Jet Li isn't being filmed to show off his speed. The plot is a mish-mash of the Karate Kid meets Wizard of Oz and the Lord of the Rings.

Afterwards we went to the Mandalay Restaurant

Been craving some simple sticky rice and mango.

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bittermelon said...

everyday should be one of asian things. you got good grub at the festival. i almost picked up the banana pound cake. i saw forbidden kingdom at a sneak peek. it was beyond awful, except for seeing jet li and jackie chan together.