Wednesday, April 16, 2008

[expletive expletive expletive]

While looking at calenders with Ed, we found that Robin Williams was doing some shows at Bimbo's. His Robin Williams on Broadway act was really funny so I thought I would check him out. Plus he is one of the biggest stand up comics of our modern time (post Pryor (haha), Carlin, pre Chris Rock).

The show was called "Working on Material" and the rough edges definitely showed especially when compared to my memory of his Broadway show but there were some good funny parts to his show. Pretty much all forgotten. He started with a schtick on the Olympic games and went on to some politics (Obama/Clinton/McCain) and then I think he went into a whole lot of boob talk. The first half of the show also had some weak audio but it got turned up later. So contrary to what the first sentence might lead you to believe, I went with Casey. We actually saw Alex Ness and his girlfriend at the show afterwards. Oh yeah, we sat in the back corner and the lights near the bar really made it hard to see. His face was a bit blurry at times which would have made a big difference. I probably would have laughed twice as much if I was able to see all his facial expressions. Here is some classic Robin Williams.

Anyways, so me and Casey went to Kennedy's (Irish Bar / Indian food, kind of like McWang's back in Yorktown) for a late dinner and then he showed me some stuff from his projects back at his apartment. I guess I write more when I don't have pictures...

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