Friday, April 04, 2008

Dagoth'Ur welcomes you Tiger!

My colleague Sylvain is moving to Boston. He got a neat new job at a little place called Harmonix, a little game company that made this little game called... Guitar Hero. And Rock Band. Anyways, I'm pointing at his guns. He likes to flex them. Dunno why he's giving the camera the "shocker." This was taken at the Wild Fox (Grill) in Novato.

The title refers to this video which was (and still is) a source of much amusement when we worked together. Skip ahead to the 14:25 mark and stop around the 15:15 mark. One of the humorous things about this video is that the player manages to beat a 40+ hour game in 15 minutes and the bugs associated with defeating the end boss.

As well as this well known saying...

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