Wednesday, November 14, 2007


So the story is that Ben is leaving for Michigan on Thursday and will be unable to celebrate Anthony's birthday this weekend so we decided to meetup and having drinks tonight. What originally started out as drinks turned into a shuffleboard extravaganza. Situated at the Buckshot Bar (formerly the @lpha Bar), two teams of 3 battled it out in an extremely fun game of shuffleboard. It was a shortened bumper table as TFB Shuffleboard expert Erol told me standard tables are usually 18-20 feet long and lacking bumpers. At those lengths, the bumpers would have been pretty marginal.

Obligatory action(y) shot

As we played, I desparately tried to remember all the rules from the Shuffleboard game in Madagascar. So it's pretty much each team (alternating turns) throws their pucks. The side that has the furthest puck on the board receives points equal to all the pucks that are further than the opposing sides. So if only one puck is further than any of the other team's 3 pucks, then you only get the points for that one puck. If all three are further than any of the other team's 3 pucks, you get the points for all three points. There are 3 point zones. 1, 2, 3. You get 4 points , which I guess is technically 4 point zones, for a "hanger" when the puck is hanging over the edge. Pucks must be completely in a point zone to be credit that value. Winner of each round goes first as it gives the opposition the chance to go last and knock any of your pucks out of play. Pucks that do not pass the foul line are removed. Got that? Gooood! I challenge you!

And team blue scores a hanger (actually we got like 3 of them that night!)


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hey! it's jamie and her man! jesus. it's a small world.