Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cake and Art

My first significant blog in some time. Been busy at work this past week. I guess things will slowly pick up as we head into the holiday season.

Looking for parking in Hayes Valley led me to the door step of Citizen Cake, a patisserie restaurant bar at Gough and Grove Streets. I was heading to an art show so I originally intended to just inquire about their hours but that plan was quickly abandoned.

Left: Pumpkin Sage Cheesecake. Right: Chocolate Raspberry I ended up sitting at a table with Elizabeth Falkner, the owner of Citizen Cake. Well that was my educated guess because this woman looked like the person on the cover of all the books on the shelves. She was talking to some friends of hers about her new restaurant opening near the ball park next year.

The art show was called Heavy Hitterz at the Agesong Gallery on Hayes at Laguna.

The always awesome David Chong Lee was on hand doing live painting.

The show was billed as a Graffiti and Low Brow Art show. Is low brow art like a drawing of a penis with legs running around a garden?

The gallery space was spacious and very nice.

Debbie & Ben

I like this one and wanted to buy it but alas it was already sold.

Maybe because of the cushy tape worms on the side, this piece looked like it was similarly stitched when I walked by. But it's painted. Kinda cool.

This was also interesting. Also sold.

Look closely and you can see me in this one.

Ben's piece

Painted on a stretched piece of silk screen.

I'm pretty sure this is Dino Ignacio's piece. A cool guy I went to school with and incidentally is the creator of one of the internet's very first memes. The first that I can think of anyways. Talented guy.

Went to Anthony's place afterwards... Dr. Mario tournament. Debbie kept her crown.


Gabe said...

Funny. I just saw the Citizen Cake lady the other day on Food Network.

bittermelon said...

her new restaurant's name is orson.

i know debbie and ben, and anthony too. anthony hon right? it's a small world. do you know lark and thien and wahab and all them?

anyway, i think we talked about this already.