Sunday, November 11, 2007


This was another art show at 111 Minna. It was surprisingly small which was really disappointing consider the size of the place. When a tiny gallery like studio gallery out does Minna, that is not a good sign. =P

Ben's piece.

So I left early and then with nice Sunday flat rate parking on Stockton and Sutter, I decided I'd go see what movies were playing. I wound up seeing Ridley Scott's American Gangster which I would sum up as a typical Hollywood movie with a typical Denzel Washington performance and a Beautiful Mind-esque performance by Russel Crowe. You know, I'm really wondering, has Denzel ever played a character other than his powerful black male character who is full of confidence and always has that seen where he is clearly not impressed so he's doing that confident guy laugh or one of his signature quiet talking scenes, or the "I'm Denzel Biyatch!" yelling scenes? You've seen one Denzel Washington movie (character), you've seen them all. He should play a frightened mining prospector with a complex about a bum foot. That would be more interesting...

Here is a trailer which is pretty much the entire movie. I sort of went into this one blind. It's a decent movie but unless you've lived under a rock, it'll feel like a movie you've already seen 1000 times.

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pr.shaolin said...

LOL. Someone once told me that Denzel WA is the black Tom Hanks. Yep, he always plays the good guy (even when he's supposed to be a badass - American Gangster - or a not so good guy - Inside Man). He needs to get a signature scream like Al Pacino's "hoohah!'.