Monday, November 05, 2007

Remember Remember the 5th of November

First off, I would like to start off with some business. My man, Ron Paul. What is his story?

• End the war now (stop policing the world and trying to rule the world)
• No big government
• Protect your Constitutional Rights such as privacy and personal liberty (abolish the Patriot Act)
• Abolish the IRS (that means we don't have to pay income tax anymore)
• Anti-Globalism
• Seeks to eliminate our countries debts
• Property rights and eminent domain
• No illegal immigration, border security and immigration reform
• Consistent principles and integrity (does not take Congressional pension, consistent voting record)
• Unlike most candidates (who were lawyers and corporate businessmen) Ron Paul was a doctor.
• Ron Paul has a very friendly face!
• His middle name is "Ernest" you can't go wrong with that!
• Unlike Guiliani who has two wifes (one of them his cousin! >__<) Ron Paul has celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary this past February.
• Unlike Bush, Paul served in the military as a flight surgeon and achieved the rank of Captain!
• If you liked Reagan, Paul led the Texas Delegation that nominated Reagan (who obviously won).

This November 5th is a Ron Paul "Money bomb" fund raiser. That means everyone donates money all at once so the media - who has been belittling him and ignoring polls (such as a text message poll where the press claimed people were stacking votes despite the system limiting each phone number to one vote. Which he one handily...) - so the media cannot ignore him any longer. It is late at night and yet he is currently raising about $100,000 PER HOUR! Please visit and click on the Donate Now button.

Pictured above is Ron Paul practicing medical mysticism. Using defibrillators on the Constitution, he will revive the ghosts of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson.

OK, back to our regularly scheduled program. I went to Japantown today looking for Udon's Art of Capcom book. I had to settle for a book order. Had some curry rice. Waited forever for it and then it seemed like I got extra everything. It was really big and I couldn't finish it. Or maybe the waitress was trying to send me subtle messages. Wandered into the Kabuki Sundance theater and checked out this movie.

Vague Semi Spoiler Alert?
The movie was ok but I really have a problem with the ending. Not because of how it ends but rather because I didn't buy the character development. And did there really need to be so much sex? And Tony Leung's scrot? Old Shanghai was neat to see and I was glad I could follow the Chinese for the most part although I must say, I've never seen a mahjong game with so much chr and pong. Wu min chi? Lame. And the subtitle for the "qi wang" tile was "character seven." hahaha.

Holy %$@^% this thing is moving fast!


pr.shaolin said...

Ron Paul sounds like an anagram of Pol Pot and that photo looks like a scene from "The Manchurian Candidate". re: LUST, CAUTION - who can say no to seeing extended shots of Tony Leung's butt. I saw him walk down the red carpet at Venice in a tux, must be weird to then go in and have a room full of people watching you watch yourself butt naked...

Nat said...

Butt is just fine! Nut sack however... rather not.

bittermelon said...

oooh, the art of capcom? i'm intrigued.

and wtf you talkin bout willis?

there can never be enough of tony leung's scrot.