Friday, November 23, 2007

It Begins! Black FridaySuper Fest 07

I used to think of Black Friday as some silly day where people go crazy, almost like Ah-nohld in Jingle all the Way. That was until one day, two years ago when I was having a lonely Thanksgiving, I accidentally went to work the next day. I didn't realize what day it was until I got to the office and it was locked so with time to spare, I wandered into the nearby Target and holy cow, Family Guy DVDs for $15! Lots of things you want to buy but say "ah, that a bit too much to buy" but for one weekend are really cheap so you find yourself saying "how can I NOT buy that thing I want at that price!?!"

Check out these deals

This year, on my list are 2-4GB USB portable storage stick things. Possibly the 500GB Western Digital external HD at Target for $87. Although I might not get it as I can't really say I need one. Although my old ones seem dead. Various DVDs. Maybe a toaster oven. Doubt I'll get a printer. What I really want is a tablet PC that has really good resolution, super lite weight, and enough horsepower to run my office tools on. I'd love to be able to draw and work on the go. Battery life also important. Not sure if a powerful enough one is made yet. Still holding off on the HDTV. Back when my roommate Tim was doing a project with LG, he said 2008 would be the year so I'll keep patiently waiting. I'll probably be getting a project anyways =P 1080p, 2000+ lumens, 5000+:1 contrast ratio, < $900. We'll see.

First blood: I finally got new sheets and comforters off of overstock. I've been waiting quite some time for this as their (nice) sheets had been out of stock since around August.

Happy Hunting.


mom said...

overstock out of stock?

Nat said...

it makes sense. they were with-holding inventory for black friday. It works out though because I got an extra 10% off the stuff I bought. I think...