Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday Bowling 2: the Return of the Sequel

Because it was so fun last time, we had to do it again.

First off, these are absolutely the best bowling shoes I've ever worn. I sort of wished I had an actual pair of shoes like this.

Not sure if Jeremy is waving or giving to ole Heil Hitler.

Tissue branded V-powered goofiness.

So ignore the 187 score. Just ignore. My best bowling score probably since I was a kid of 112! You're still looking at Sherwin's 187 aren't you?

So here is Sherwin doing some crazy bowling things. He actually hit the strike on the backwards shot but no one was filming. Debbie also got a funny strike where a pin flew out past the pin rake thing on the previous turn and her ball was going wide, hit the extra pin, and deflected square on for the strike.

So Birthday Bowling isn't just a lame excuse to recycle past post titles. While not officially, we were celebrating Hon's birthday. Surprisingly, there were no card tricks to be had this time but many presents...

Including a vintage Dynamite magazine featuring Sylvester Stallone on the cover!

And TWO pay cell phones for the guy who has managed to make it to 2007 without getting one.

More backwards bowling goofiness.

Group photo goofiness + random dude.

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Debbie said...

Dang, a Sherwin highlight reel! That's awesome! Too bad nobody got his strike on film! Good times...