Friday, October 15, 2010

Xian - Towns, Tombs, & Terra Cotta

At the Banpo (half slope) Prehistoric Village Museum.

Ancient Archeology isn't too sexy. You really have to use your imagination.

Things look a lot different in 2D. Ancient smiley face.

This was a life size diorama like the ones in natural history museums.

This was... a raccoon badger dog?

More dioramaage


Our next destination was the Huaqing Hot Springs where Tang Emperor Xuanzong built many pools for his favorite concubine.

Emperor's toilet! For real!

Upon seeing this photo, a certain cousin exclaimed "UGH! That's me in 20 years."

Concubine Yang, one tall woman.

Looking at empty pools

Li Mountain

Natural hot spring

Chinese text Maiden

Lunch in Egypt? Supposedly, these somehow represent the Silk Road which isn't too far away.

The famous Bian Bian Mien. Man, this was some good noodle. Like fat Papardelle. I would have liked to try this with a sauce, like mushrooms and truffles. Mmmmm.....

Comrade Obama

OK thar Pedo-cotta Soldier.

Madness inside the museum. Utter madness.

Que John Williams.

Massive massive massive

They've fallen and can't get up

Live archeology is slightly sexier.

Life imitating Art

Looks like a level in Tomb Raider.

This about sums up my view of the Chinese and their relationship with the law.


Hot Pot - individual pots with some fancy inductive plate that works right through the table cloth!

blurry image of green lit trees.

I am decidedly not a persimmon person. I also don't fancy eating them either.

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