Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smell you later China!

Last day in China. At a Shanghai artist district.

See all the pig parodies. How many can you name?

There were people doing photo shoots all over the place. Lame photo shoots.

We wandering into a random Halal Noodle place.

"Toothpick Lamb" It's just all the trimmings. Tasty but kinda tough meat.

They had some divine noodles. Especially the Dao Xiao Mien. So divine I neglected to photo them. They skipped right pass my camera and straight into my mouth. It's also like $1 for bowl.

No customers? Why not nap? I guess...

A display of items that are either illegal to bring with you on the plane or require special paper work. Who knew Er Hu was not allowed? I guess it must be all those antique Er Hu collectors smuggling out national treasures.

@ Airport
No customers? Why not nap? Hey wait a sec...

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