Monday, October 11, 2010

Taipei -> Beijing

More wax appleage

Shao Bing, You Tiao, egg sandwich.

Taipei 101, I don't recommend walking there from the subway in the hot Taipei heat. It really isn't that far but you can pay $2 for a cab and save yourself a 30 minutes which when on vacation is probably well worth the time savings.

Sun Yat-sen Memorial call, in the right middle.

Chiang kai shek memorial hall is way back there. Can you see it?

White building with the blue roof.

Could you imagine having this job?

There are two of these elevators. They take you from level 5 to 89 in 30 seconds at a cost of $2.5M each. That's what money gets you. Because of the friction, they are armed with that super heat absorbent porcelain they use in space shuttles for reentry. The elevator in our office takes 60 seconds to take you from level 1 to 2.

Beryllium or Lithium Sphere at the core of 101 powers all.

Someone thought it would be a great practical joke to dress a bunch of white kids in heavy winter clothing and take pictures/video of them saying that they love Taiwan. I saw several of these shoots around the area.


Taipei's airport terminal is kinda nice. This was my gate.

Tang La Hotel. Nice hotel. Centrally located by the Muxudi stop (2nd ring) on Fuxingmen wai/outer (Street)


Stairwell by Spa, Gym, unfinished tennis courts

Entry way to fancy restaurant. The hostess was wearing this crazy/interesting outfit/costume.

Pool - did not get to use =P

Fa Yi Ding!

Retire to my room

w/ ridiculous Chinese television. Look at that mass of microphones. Or rather mass of logo panels attached to microphones. Insane.

Man vs Food in Chinese. Amusing...

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