Sunday, October 10, 2010

Taiwan - 10/10/10

Wax apple - or - Lian Wu, I didn't think they'd still be in season in October!

Red Dragonfruit is where the business is. I don't even want to bother myself with white Dragonfruit anymore.

By the Yuanshan station over looking the future Flower Expo

This apartment makes me think of Greece. Or Israel.

@ Train Station food court

@ Danshui

The sign reads "Pig's Blood Cake"

w/ Academy friend Amanda

Why I don't like this - it's in the shape of a popsicle and yet it is neither cold nor sweet. It is in fact hot/warm and salty.

If only they painted portraits onto shirts.

Unpictured is our trip to the 6 star foot massage place my friend Kat recommended. It was awesome.

"Imitation is the sincerest flattery" Charles Caleb Colton
"Mimicry is cheap laughs" Nat Loh

waiting @ Zhongxiao Dunhua

dinner w/ family

Cousin Leo and my 4 Shu Shu - we are eating at the restaurant he works at. He is their dessert baron.


Shilin is still crazy mad

But this is the only guy I could find selling shit in the middle of the street. They must have cleaned up on all the illegal (permitless) vendors.

stinky tofu man

mass of ??? I call this frozen cotton candy. It's not quite shaved ice as it has this cotton candy fluffiness to it.

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