Friday, October 22, 2010

The Day I Ate 8 Fishes

A magic meal with fishes @ The Peak Restaurant Cafe


Fish are caught fresh, daily.

what a motley crew of fish.

Team Chaos assembles again.

Fish count: 2 (there are two red fish in there)

Fish count: 3 - Salted Fish Fried Rice

Not fish. Tofu?

Fish count: 4

Not fish

Fish count: 5

Fish count: 6 - Fish soup

I think my dad is trying to commune with the dead fish...

One massive fish cheek

Cafe stop.

Dinner A - Weird Taiwan foods w/ Mr. Chan. If you can read that menu, it says weird things.

pickled mango? w/ passion fruit

You Tiao w/ clams?!? Not bad.

oooh, straaaaange vegetables.

Fish count: 7

Green bean dessert soup/tea

hanging out with Wen and Rita

Dinner B

sadly, not stinky

Fish count: 8

Yong Kang St.

Famous Mango Shaved Ice

but oops, we got the wrong one.

umm... is this Gong Guan? Pretty empty as there was supposed to be a monsoon trouncing about but it got tired and puttered out.

Dinner C! No fishes here.

That would be good night.

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