Sunday, October 17, 2010

Destination: Shanghai

checking into our hotel @ the Renaissance Shanghai Putuo. We were originally getting a hotel closer to downtown but we got bumped out by some Chinese government officials. Apparently they can do that in China.


Main entrance staircase to ???

As such, some people got nice upgraded rooms although mine wasn't so far off from this.

At first it's like "oooooooh" but functionally, it's a horrible design. you have to move these heavy doors to pee or take a bath.

Here I am with a giant needle stuck in the back of my calf. This is to help relieve the tension in the muscle that was injured from my ankle sprain. Having a needle in your leg is not so bad. Having to walk with a needle in your leg is a pure test of one's constitution. HOLY CRAP is this not fun. Painful AND tiring.

OK, these mic logos are out of hand.

Some take out dinner brought up to my room.

Sabrina having some birthday tiramisu. Or photographing it, rather.

Cousin Woods.

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