Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lake County, China. Also : þ

Uh, yeah so just like the map says. This is the Wuzhen Xizha scenic zone. A government developed lake town turned tourist trap, but still has people living inside of it.

Woody: "ugh, it tastes... horrible"

<: þ >: þ

booze factory

I took a bunch of lunch pictures like normal but upon inspection, the food does not look very attractive and I'd rather not spend the time photoshopping them to.

Chinese Jesus spotting.

Random people pictures

Ironic Communist hipster?

Reminds me of my friend Brett Amory's waiting paintings.

Yup, that will be a classy photo!

Winner. Who has the balls to wear that shirt? That guy!

Honorable mention to shiny yellow pants man.


Old town

The woman on the left is attempting to produce a pirated version of this experience.

famous? XLB place. ???

They were only ok. Still better than what you would normally get in SF. I much preferred the place I went to last time with Lester but alas, that place had sadly closed (for good).

Random Night Market we stumbled upon.

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