Friday, January 04, 2008

Rained In

There was an enormous rain storm on Friday and I decided to wait it out to see if my commute would improve before setting out for work. As things would develop, it became abundantly clear that leaving the house was a bad idea. Our producer emailed in his failed attempt to get to work from the city but by then I had given up on work today. Attempts to work from home also failed. See the above traffic map. Yellow is moderate congestion. Red is heavy congestion. Black is stop and go. That's a good 10-15 miles of stop and go! Urk. The winds were the real problem however. The Richmond bridge was closed down because 1-3 trucks were blown over (not over the bridge) by the wind. Something like 60-70 mph I hear. The rain would eventually let up and traffic was starting to return to normal around 3:00pm. I got some groceries and invited coworker Chris over for some dinner.

My lame-o attempt at Yin Si Zhuen. I guess they flash fry it in restaurants?

Tofu Curds

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Chris said...

Nat neglected to mention that the food was delicious!