Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year. Seems like end of the posts and recaps are all the craze. Like the hula hoop. This was quite a bloggerific year with 256 posts versus 147 in 2006. 21.33 posts per month. 4.9 posts per week.

Eating. Cooking. Art shows. Music shows. Three weddings (Romy, Mimi, Scott&Crystal). BBQs. Birthdays. TFB movie nights. Thursdays at Ed's. Web-games. Tuesday night Xbox-LIVE. Deda's visit. Meeting Miyamoto. GDC. APE. Space Party. Pirate Festival. Tezuka Exhibit. New Office. Alaska. Cruise Eats. Opus. Watching New York Rangers online. Visit from Nio. Canada. Holidays. Blogging.

Earlier in the year, I said I'd go to 2 new restaurants every month but honestly I forgot about that at some point and haven't been keeping track of my new culinary visits. I suppose I could go count on my blog but =P. So maybe I'll try to start that up again this year. Maybe add to that, cook 2 new dishes every month. I'll have to think about what I want to do this year, but not unlike 2 new restaurants, I'll probably forget about it half way through the year.

Happy 2008.

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