Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mass Effect: umm...

So I've been playing Mass Effect lately. Actually I've been playing through this game a second time to see how different it is when you chose different options.


Pretty much it's the same game whichever way you play it. Unlike Knights of the Old Republic, being evil does not get you different powers. Instead, people just respond to your vitriol with some other line of dialogue and quickly forget you were being an ass. Even if you manage to really piss someone off like I did to one of my crew members, it was really of no consequence. =P The different endings are only slightly different with the different background locations for where the conversation takes place and so different dialogue. Not really a big deal.

Now here's something strange.

That's the big baddy in the game. But watch the first 30 seconds of this video...

Umm... I may be biased towards Star Control 2 but come on Bioware. That's a little too similar for tribute. What do you think?

Uh... what?

Riiiiiight... do yourself a favor and don't hit RB when you've been zapped with biotics.

Again, this time by a psychic bug alien. Oh QA...

Ah, fuck. Whose idea to make that rail exactly the width of my underside?

And I'd hate to be all negative (although I'd blame QA in the above cases), but this section of the game was awesome to behold.

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