Monday, January 28, 2008

Atlanta Aquarium. World's Largest* Aquarium. Enjoy it while it lasts. It's only a matter of time before Dubai wrestles that title from your tiny grasps.

* by volume of water

Sting Ray petting tank? Slimy. Tasty?

Little did I know...



Why is it called Beluga Caviar? Beluga whales are mammals. They don't lay eggs. And Beluga Caviar is black while Beluga whales are super white. Well the answer lies in the internet. "Beluga caviar consists of the roe (or eggs) of the Beluga sturgeon found primarily in the Caspian Sea." Well that was dumb.

This Otter is training for the American Gladiator Q-tip joust event.


This was the super tank with Whale Shark. One day, cities will be filled with flying cars and the traffic models will be mapped on fish.


Hey it's Nemo! What? Deepo? Who's Deepo? According to one quick thinking parent not ready for that lawsuit and copyright infringement talk all parents dread making one day, "Uh... no, that's Deepo. Nemo's friend." Yeah, of course it is.

I <3 Plagiarism

Sure... Say what you must so you can sleep at night. Does your integrity have no boundaries?

Oh... ok. Obviously you are waaay too comfortable with this rip-off concept.

Anyways, Lunch. Mary Mac's Tea Room.

Sweet Potato Souffle (except it is obviously not a souffle so I don't know why it's called that) that was waaaaaay too sweet. And in case you couldn't tell that, they went and added marshmallows on it just to be sure. Top: Creamed Corn. And Chicken Pot Pie. Oh Grandma's (Restaurant in Peekskill with giant CPPs).

Soft serve at Zesto's = Egads! OK, bye bye Atlanta. Thanks for the hockey. If I have heart failure, I know where to find defibrillators.

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Deda said...

new saying: you rip(-off) what you saw (somewhere else)....

beautiful pictures nevertheless, it's been ages since I went to aquarium too. I doubt it'll happen anytime soon... we are so starving here that if were to go to aquariums we might eat the fishes.