Saturday, January 26, 2008


Apparently there is a normal font size. Let's experiment with that. So yeah, it was cold in Atlanta. Here is what is essentially a skillet dish at the Thumbs Up Diner. The skillet was very deep.

Grits. They serve this with cheese which I guess I forgot to order? Otherwise it's rather plain. I sort of wanted some brown sugar but felt weird asking for it like anything not cheese would mark me.

Gabe with what was essentially a fancy southern Bacon and Egg McMuffin and his MONSTER french toast.

There would be a rec. league hockey game (oops! I forgot to pay you for that Gabe! next time...) later in the evening. A quick morning skate to get me used to those bladed things again.

Odd, I could've swore I took this picture with two fingers up. Oh well...

Goofing off at the skate shop where we got our skates sharpened.

Visiting Georgia Tech where Gabe works. They have a really impressive looking super gym. Here is their cardio section with racquetball courts in the background.

Olympic (as in 1996) Swimming pool with multi-story diving boards and all.

Some rich alumni donated a bunch of money presumably for this facility. His one stipulation: they build a waterslide.

Full on rock climbing as well! The building Gabe worked in was also rather impressive looking. There was a cheesy glass bridge with "ones" and "zeros" glasses stained etched in. Well the binary is cheesy.

Dinner at "Korean Restaurant"

Kabocha or similar pumpkin stuffed with purple rice and stuffs.

Duck stuffings.

This duck had to be order in advance as it takes 4.5 hours to cook.

And we sat at President Jimmy Carter's table. Here was HIS service bell. I ran it once. No one showed up.

And at the evening rec. league hockey game, I managed to score a goal which was very exciting. The game was tied 2-2 after two periods. I was hoping to play more with my brother but he got drafted to go play on defense since he's a good skater. I was huffing and puffing. DDR training was just not enough but by the last two shifts, my body had caught up and I was feeling fresh and energized. Unfortunately we had a goalie meltdown and at this point the score was 7-2 =P oh well, it was all for fun. I just wish I had another go with the improved lungs for the full game.

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