Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Homeward Bound

Some snazzy airplane shots.

So all the big hotels are right there on the other side of the landing strip. Is that why they call it the strip?

This airport is... weird.

And there are the airport slot machines. Some of them.

So Las Vegas is officially lame. I got a bottle of champange at the duty free shop in Toronto. The problem is that the Vegas airport is so old that to transfer from the international terminal to the domestic terminal you have to exit security and come back in. Oops! Champange bottle is over 3oz liquid limit. The best advice they could give me was "why don't you slam it in the back parking lot?" Gee, thanks bozo. So why isn't there a red-flag when they scan my airplane ticket in the duty-free shop and it's right there. I'm transferring through Vegas. I was planning to write United but now I'm starting to think it's the Duty-Free's fault. I wants my booze back! Traveling with layovers sucks sucks sucks.

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