Monday, January 15, 2007

Stop Making Pasta!

Ok, I really have to take a break from Pasta. I think I'll do good ol' Chinese tommorrow or maybe something from my new Korean or Vietnamese cookbooks. This was an improv act tonight. Penne is what? I cooked some Broccolini 2 minutes and blended in with bechemal, a strip of bacon, grated Parmesan cheese, and some salt. Mushrooms and Pinenuts added. It needed more mushrooms, and maybe less broccolini because I just used whatever was in the package. Looks like too much sauce, right? Prognosis? It wasn't bad! I would want the mushroom flavor to be more prominent. My layered into sauce a bit as well but American mushrooms don't quite have the flavor punch. Well, I'm sure some do but Safeway button mushrooms? They won't do. Less broccolini would have helped too. I bet that diluted everything. Maybe 1/4 the amount I used. Comments. What should I cook next?

Jack Bauer, what have you done? Boom!

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