Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh hey, It's Sunday! Eek.

In the continuation of Soup Week (a week which only spans 4 days), I've adventured to prepare this Fish Soup. It's quite good. I didn't use so much salt because I don't like such salty soups. If you like salt, you can add it yourself afterwards. This one was roughly based off a recipe from my Korean cookbook. Crushed/Minced garlic is cooked in Sesame oil (which I usually never use to cook). Cut Daikons are added and cooked for some 4 minutes. 4 cups of water. then I'm slowly adding ingredients because I don't prepare them all before hand. Includes small cut pieces of halibut (original recipe calls for cod but the butt works great!), tofu cubes (my addition), and since I couldn't get any watercress at the local produce yesterday (which would have been so good in the soup) I used chinese white cabbage which works well but just isn't as sexy as watercress. Green onions and carrots added in the end for some color. A dash of soy, sake, and pepper, a bit of salt. Hot pepper if you want but i didn't want to mask the flavor on my first try.


I've also started playing Star Control 2, the space opus my bosses made back in 1992 and on just about every "All-time Best Games EVER" lists. Quite fun and the dialogue is most amusing. "Greetings and various apropos felicitations!"

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