Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blog it Up.

Vietnamese sandwiches from Cafe Thanh Thanh. This is the same place I got the Chicken Rice Porridge (Xi Fan/Zhou) last time. One BBQ Chicken, one BBQ Pork. It's probably been over a year since I last had Vietnamese sandwiches. We got some back when I was helping out at Shaba. The chicken was rather boring. It looks like they just cooked the chicken instead of really BBQ'ing it. Despite being the lamest Vietnamese BBQ Chicken sandwich, it still was passable. But much like you can't really mess up a club sandwich. The pork was similar ok. I got a tiny piece of bone in one but you gotta let those sort of things slide I guess.

I will probably be rewatching this movie soon. Relevant for non-company related "research."

Is this my future? Yoshiro Nakamatsu (born June 26, 1928), a.k.a. Dr. NakaMats, is the Japanese inventor claiming to hold the world record for number of inventions with over 3,000, including the floppy disk and "PyonPyon" spring shoes. He has being photographing and retrospectively analyzing every meal he has consumed during a period of 34 years (and counting). The goal of Nakamatsu is to live over 140 years old.

check out the rest of the "class" at

He's probably responsible for half of the Chindogu inventions that appear in Unuseless Japanese Invention books. Such as this Swiss Army Farming "Tool"

Quite a funny book (I own a copy). Some of my favorites are the shoes with deceiving foot prints (animal prints, backwards walking prints), the half bowl with a mirror in it so it looks like you are eating more (for dieting), and the portable lamp post for those afraid to walk alone in the dark.

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