Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My apartment smells so nice...

Return of the Pasta! Haha. I haven't had fettucini in so long. This was a mish-mash cheese, cream, and olive oil sauce spruced up with blended sun dried tomatoes (i tried to chop them but they weren't having any of that) and pine nuts.


This is a dork-centric forum thread about a game developer who worked on the Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game. I don't know the game so a lot of the stuff goes right by me but it is inspirational. I might just start making some memoirs of my game development experiences less I forget them. Thank goodness when you work on a project for over a year, it's a lot easier to remember than what I ate 4 months and 7 days ago.

And this is me getting lucky. No, that isn't freebie day at the local brothel. I forgot my laundry at the mat tonight and thought I'd just stroll down to see if my clothes were still in there and low and behold, the door is open! Normally the owners come by and close EARLY but this time, it was just my day or something. I let the guy sweeping know I was gonna run and get my bag and swooped in to get all my newly washed clothes. woo to the hoo. Now, I just have to fold all of them. D to the Oh.

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