Sunday, January 14, 2007

Poop! This Post has no real title.


Tanpopo in J-town for Ramen

Assessment. Not bad. Fair price. Good value. Soup base was only slightly saltier than for my tastes but I'm probably a bit more salt conscious than most. Chashu slices was very good. Much better than what I get next door at Blue Fin. The bamboo-esque root in ramen that i don't know the name of had a weird canned or preserved taste. They could have taken more care to wash it or quickly blanche out that unpleasant taste. oh well. minor minor gripes.

We caught a 1:30 showing of Pan's Labyrinth at the Sundance Kabuki in J-town.

It was an oddly disturbing and creepy fairy tale taking place on the backdrop of the Spanish Civil Wars in 1944. The acting was good. The scene and set designs were crazy. I mean, LOOK at that guy! He's got his eyeballs in his hands! Story worked and was well edited. Didn't feel long despite being a 2 hour movie.

Back home for some Bruschetta. Sans Basil. I forgot I used it all yesterday. =P

Turtle Tower Vietnamese Restaurant @ Geary & 21st. Dan said it was North Vietnamese and that the Pho was quite excellent. North Vietnamese is apparently characterized by being simpler. The soup stock was clearer and lighter. There isn't a big basket of basil or limes.

I went BBQ Pork. It was about the right amount of dry since you eat it with the dipping sauce. Low prices. Good value! Came back and watched the premiere of season 6 of "24." I don't think was so shocking. It was kinda questionable that Jack Bauer was so buff after 2 years of being tortured in China. I thought he'd be thin and malnurished but I guess the plot called for it. We'll see part 2 tommorrow night.

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