Friday, January 26, 2007

Music For January

Familiar faces. 1 of 3 openers, Dream Date, aka HRB

And in artsoscope, Music For Animals!

This show featured some new songs by MFA. It also featured Super Heroes! They regularly paraded the stage. There are a few behind guitarist Nick. In the beginning of this show, an extremely enthused fan was jumping up and down trying to get the crowd into it. This included elbowing me in the back and shoulders a few times on his downward descents (is there such a thing as an upward descent?) but since he was having fun and didn't really hurt me, I let him be. He eventually went elsewhere. Thank God the weirdo dancer dude who is always at these shows wasn't next to me. He just makes me super uncomfortable.

Drummer - Ryan

Somewhat signature balloon appearance at show. They were being held up by a net in the ceiling and pulled down onto the crowd. Unfortunately, the netter was doing his job too well and many balloons remained stuck in the ceiling. Many attempts (some successful, some not) were made to dislodge balloons including throwing wet towels, cups, and plastic bottles. A few of these items got stuck in the net as well.

OMG. Caption this!

Bassist - Eli

Lead singer - Jay
So around this point in the evening, this really drunk girl next to me decides it's time for more balloons and makes one of the many attempts to dislodge balloons with an "empty" plastic cup. She wisely emptied the cup before throwing it but dingus emptied it on my camera which I had put on the front of the stage so I could jump around a bit without worrying about cameras flying around. Thank goodness I was quick to recover and dry off any water before it did any damage but when I confronted her, she 1) had no recollection of any water 2) must of thought I was really pissed because she got really defensive. I knew there was nothing to help the situation and the camera was working so at this point, I'm there to measure her guilt. I'm sure I'll see her in the future. and 3) she got so defensive she said "whatever! i'm sorry (not very convincing). what? you wanna fight? 4) huh? ok, so I realize she isn't drunk, she's plastered like paris. her man friend kindly pulls her aside. And in the encore rally, wouldn't you know it? The same girl is on her friend's shoulder taking her bra off. Since I had my encounter with her, it was really something that was unexciting. But I am happy for MFA for receiving their first "titty flash." I think I was pretty much the only straight guy or person for that matter who was somewhat disgusted by the spectacle but oh well. Decent story?

Me, Jay, Drunk girl's sober friend who was taking pictures and said "yeah, she's crazy." moments before said flashing episode, & Jeremy. I also saw drunk girl spit. Not so attractive! I don't mind spitting in the street where regular rains and cleanings take place by nature and big industrial machines but indoors? People have to clean that and it's just down right undecent spitting indoors.

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mallicious1 said...

excellent telling of the noghts events my friend.
thanks as always for coming through and being the man in general.