Sunday, July 10, 2005

weekend recap

My weekend started by taking Friday off from work and driving down to San Jose thursday night. Arriving quite late, I satiated myself with some left overs, watched some random cable TV (haven't done that in ages!), and hit the hay. All of my mom's sisters showed up. Friday morning greeted us with a leisurely drive down to Monterey Bay where we took in the sites and visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lunch was entirely unspectacular as I had a Chicken Pasta Primavera from the mess kitchen. I had already put in my order when I was informed "we're going to the nice sit down restaurant in the back." Oh well. Partake in fishy visuals.

Monterey Bay & Aquarium

Returning to San Jose early, we decided to go pick fruits in my aunts back yard.
Mom picks fresh fruits in 2yi's back yard orchard = Fresh Squeezed Valencia Orange Juice!

Younger brother Duo Duo with Oranges. He's like 6'2" now.
We went out for Chinese food for dinner. Good eats but nothing too memorable. On Saturday, my two nieces came to visit their grandparents (my aunt and uncle in SJ). So they aren't REALLY my nieces but what else do I call them? Their mom Nancy is Japanese (issei?) so I can say suuuuugoku kawaii! Mite mite.

my niece (by cousin) Ami

other niece Mia

Saturday night was a big in house dinner event. I mostly ate, watched poker and iron chef with my brother and cousin Sabrina. Nancy brought this excellent wine. It was a Pezzi King special blend of Zinfandel (~65%?) and Syrah (~35%?) her Uncle picked up by special reservation at the Sonoma winery. "Excellent" really doesn't sum it up. Each sip reminded you you were drinking wine but without reminding you you were drinking alcohol. Sunday was Dim Sum for lunch at Loon Wah (1146 S. DeAnza Blvd., San Jose), home, laundry. Excitement.

Mom, Duo, Me, 3yi. Camera shy, 2yi & da-yi

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