Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Parents were in town. I went to dinner with them and my dad's aunt/uncle at some japanese place on Taraval and 27ish. Very marginal. I think this means I've become a sushi snob. I sample wasabi raw for it's overall flavor, kick, texture, and consistency and I observe when the nigiri is put together sloppily. Or more like just slapped on top of the rice. Temperature of the sushi upon service. Yup. Snobomicon. When discussing my career, my dad's aunt/uncle were like "oh, you don't make VIOLENT video games do you? And while I had my Madagascar game box, with zoo animals and what not, all I could think was "gee, sorry. Even if I didn't make a violent video game, it's going to happen." So then I become a bit reserved as I was not about to, nor able to in broken Chinese, explain the social double standard games are subjected to. Movies, TV, and bad parenting always get a blank check but games are always the problem. Tommorrow and this weekend should be with a younger and more English speaking crowd. I think I'll be in better shape. Bloggity Blog Blob!

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